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December 28, 2012
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Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

    People all over the world see America as a place of freedoms. They see us as a symbol for people to be allowed the lives of their dreams. America is a place of dreams, a place of hope, but most of all it is a place of equality for everyone, including people who want to get married. But they can't because laws prevent them from it.  When you ask someone of the streets if they believe in equality for all they will certainly say they do. But if you ask them if they believe in same-sex marriage, they might answer differently. A person who considers themself a true patriot might actually be discriminating more than they ever dreamed. We should add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that declares same-sex marriage legal nationwide because there is significant discrimination against the homosexual community, America's promise of equality is absolute, and it would affect people only for the better.

    Not allowing homosexual people to get married is a thoughtless discrimination like with other periods in history. If we put that ripple in time and think back to the many seemingly pointless hours we spend in history class, then we know that inequity has been a problem in the world for a long time. Discrimination against African Americans occurred for hundreds of years and people gave no thought about it. It was just a normal part of life. However, it shouldn't be that way with same-sex marriage. The point of history is to learn about the past so we don't repeat it. It took almost 200 years for women's rights proposal to be approved in the 19th Amendment. Men were prejudiced against them for far too long and still remain so somewhat today! Will the world never change? So much bias against couples of the same sex is in today's society and no one thinks of it as wrong! Is this issue any less important than past problems? Is this discrimination any less serious? The intolerance is unacceptable. America needs to learn from its mistakes and stop discriminating between straight and gay.
    America's promise of equality is absolute and that goes for gay marriage just as much as it does anything else. American laws actually prove that same-sex marriage should be legal. The first amendment of the constitution states that all beliefs need to be protected whether they are religious or the lack thereof.  Homosexuality is not considered right in some cultures but the constitution still vows to support any belief. Because they are gay, does that make it okay to not grant them the freedoms that America promises? Our declaration of independence states that all people have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and apparently, homosexuals aren't included in this nation encompassing statement. They can no longer be swept under the rug like dead bugs and dust bunnies! If all people have the right to pursue happiness then gays and lesbians should be given the opportunity to spend the rest of their lives in matrimony with the one they love the most in a state of not just happiness but of ecstasy that straight people receive when they get married.

    Who would this affect besides those particular people? Same-sex marriage hurts no one; it affects only the minimum that it applies to and it gives that minimum respect in society as a couple. Homosexuals make up only about four percent of the US population, which isn't a lot and certainly doesn't have to disturb anybody in any way; all marriage does is make them happier and more satisfied in their lives. Frequently overlooked by many people is the concept of adoption in same-sex families. Many babies are abandoned and left at orphanages; going through foster home after foster home and never finding the life they need in order to grow up as fine individuals. If two people get married, usually they want to have children. Gays and lesbians can't have children for obvious reasons so they have to adopt. This is very important to them because they are still a couple and still want to have children but marriage first is the key. If this amendment is passed and they can get married, the adoption rate will go up and all of those little children can walk home hand in hand with parents who want the child just as much as the child wants them. It is the most obvious win-win situation but still, no one can conceive of it? What is wrong with happiness? Do tell!

    Marriage is a declaration to a lover that is certainly not made up or an illusion. Believe it or not, gay people have feelings too and so many of them just want to spend their lives with the ones they love. America lives in harmony with people easily and that is, or supposedly is, what our society is based on. Why then, are we uncomfortable when talking about topics such as this one? Why are we still so selfish in our own beliefs that we can't grant people happiness? Why can't we live and let live?  This isn't about us, it's about them and it is completely unjust, unconstitutional, and un-American to deny homosexuals the bliss and adventure of marriage.
I wrote this essay for a school assignment asking me to change, remove or add an amendment to the US constitution. It was a contest where the 5 finalists from the 8th grade all compete to see who had the best essay. It is judged by a real judge. There are 300 kids in my 8th grade class.

As my friends at this school know, I won the contest. The judge said it was because of my extreme passion for the subject. She said I sounded angry when speaking about it. One teacher while shaking my hand said he could tell I had close relations with the subject. He wasn't wrong.

While writing this essay I thought of all of my lesbian, gay, and bisexual friends. I would just like to say I AM angry. I am angry when I think of their future and it's not as happy as it should be. I am angry when I think of all those people who hate themselves because the American government tells them they are less than everyone else. And I am angry because I know unless something is done soon happiness will continue to be denyed to people who just want to live.

The fact that a Same-Sex Marriage essay won the speech contest in a 10/10 school with 300 kids worth of competition shows that maybe the world can see the truth. Maybe we can realize that this is a problem worthy of fixing.

All copyright material belongs to me
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I'm sorry to say they do have a marriage law stating that it's legal between a man and a woman that law conflicts with this I did enjoy all your points maybe mentioning that a couple of past presidents had affairs with men under apprenticeship :) it is known that not only was Franklin a womanizer but also charmed young men I did research via books not the internet cause the internet is somewhat unreliable at these sort of things anywho good points but some I'll to politely disagree on some key interests like america isn't free it's runned by the color green and other conflicts and gays and lesbians can either have a surrogate parent to have their baby for them or go to a sperm bank to find donors its that simple people just take the complicated road forgive the honesty but the world is unjust because society will never change and they are stereotypical about everything besides I see it as this way Marrige is on paper its just paper you cant base love on a piece of paper other than all of that good job on your contest
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LaurenG99 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
I totally agree. And what you did on that stage was incredible, by far the best one up there. You deserved to win. Equal rights is what everyone deserves. What happened to all men are created equal? The saying of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" does that not relate to every human being. Why do people discriminate against others as if they were a three headed, giant toad? You make your points clear and you feel strongly for this exact purpose even though it is unpopular. Not everyone is happy with having the opposite sex as their partner, people just need to become a little more open-minded and appreciate that they don't have to deal with some of the people in the world who will cause you pain because you are different. That is my little rant myself, even though I am not homosexual, I am a strong supporter of equal rights. We got over the differences of race, than gender, so why can't we get over same sex marriage. I do apologize if you disagree with this, but some people need to be heard.
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YEAH, GO LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this comment!

And you finally got on to dA!
Damian-The-Demon Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I couldn't critique this because I had nothing bad to say about it. I'm an extreme supporter of equal human rights and I cried when I read this. I'm SO incredibly happy when I come across people like you. The world needs more people like you. I loved this and, although I didn't read the other essays, I know you deserved to win. Condragulations :)
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you SO much! This reply absolutely made my day! I'm glad this essay produced a positive reaction in you. If the world saw the way we did, it would be a much better place. Thanks again friend. :)
Damian-The-Demon Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree completely; the world needs more lovers and less fighters. And you're very welcome :)
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Lucyndaria Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very well written!
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much!
Tman89frost Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
im looking for a speech to do for contest on gay marriage.. may i use yours? ill credit you
buffyvampireslayer39 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure! Good luck!
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